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Kabel Spiral SWB-10

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16 Mar 2023
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Spiral SWB-10
White Spiral Wrapping Cable KS-10
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SKU NNSWKS10PUsed to wrap and protect cables so that they are safer, less tangled and neat and make it easier to cable lines.
* Diameter x Width: 10 mm x 12.3 mm.

* Fill per pack: 10 meters.

* Material: Flexible PE plastic.

* Flexible so that it can be pulled and stretched as needed and formed to follow the cable groove.

* Can be cut and connected to suit the required length.

* Can be removed and reused so that it is suitable for use to tidy up electrical cables, data cables and telephone cables in homes, offices, factories, electronic devices and electrical panels.

* Easy to use, use and durable.

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Spiral Wrapping Cables White KS-10 is used to wrap and protect cables to make them safer, less tangled and neat. Can be used also to wrap the installation cable and distinguish cable lines. White Spiral Wrapping KS-08 cable with an outer diameter of 10 mm and 12.3 mm wide is very flexible and easy to form following the cable groove and can be drawn and stretched as needed. Spiral cable can be cut and connected to suit the required length. Easy to install, use and can be removed and reassembled as needed. Produced based on International Standards so as to produce quality and durable products. Cable Spirals / Spiral wrapping bands / Cable / Flexible protectors Cable wrappers can be used to tidy up telephone cables, data cables and electrical cables, also widely used for the assembly of electrical, machine and electronic panels. Suitable for use in homes, buildings, offices, shopping centers and industrial plants. is an official distributor of Nintoku sellers that provides a wide range of electrical tools and components as well as other Nintoku products that are 100% original, 100% new and cheap. has also sold various Nintoku products for the needs of Electric Substations, Factories, Buildings and Housing throughout Indonesia.

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