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Bending Pipa Per 20 mm

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16 Mar 2023
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Pipe Bending

Specification of Bending Pipa Per 20 mm

ending Per 20 mm

Bending Per 20 For 20 mm Conduit pipes

Used to bend / bend iron pipes

* Used for iron pipes measuring 20 mm

* Made of selected metal material so that it is lightweight but strong

* Easy to use and durable based on international standards

* Facilitate the work and save time on the installation of iron pipes, especially on the corner of the wall or bend

* Practically used because the pipe can be bent at different angles in different places according to the installation conditions

* Saves iron pipe installation costs, with no need to use pipe elbows for pipe bends

* Pipe installation looks neater and safer because there are not many connections on the bend


Bending Per 20 mm is used to bend or bend iron pipes. Can be used for a variety of brands and types of iron pipes measuring 20 mm. Bending per 20 mm for a 20 mm pipe is made of a choice of lightweight but strong metal material so as to produce a flat pipe bending and smooth. OPT is an electric appliance manufacturer that has experience and is reliable in producing iron pipe bender / bending and other electrical tools with reliable quality, easy to use and durable, in accordance with international standards. by using iron pipe bending OPT for 19mm pipe, installation of installation is more practical because PVC pipe can be bent in the required place with different bending angles to match the installation conditions. with bending angle that can be adjusted as needed will make the pipe installation look neater and safer because it does not require much connection on bends. the use of pipe bending can also halt at installation costs because there is no need to use pipe elbows to be installed on the corner of the wall or bend.

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