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Terminal Block

Used to connect current from one component to another and as a connecting jumper if there are additional components.

* Installed on DIN rail 2 functions.

* Easy to install, use and durable.

* Please contact our customer service directly to order this product.


Terminal Block is used to connect current from one component to another. Can also be used as a jumper or connector if there are additional components and can be removed as needed. Block terminal, can save costs on assembling electrical components with the use of fewer cables. Providing optimal protection for components if there is a short circuit, the current will be disconnected at the terminal block before reaching the main component. Installed on the DIN rail 2 functions. Easy to install, use and durable. Manufactured based on International standards. Terminal block / Block terminal / Terminal strip / Insulated block / Terminal connector, can be used on electrical panel assembly, electronic components and other electrical installations. Suitable for use in homes, office buildings, shopping centers and industrial plants. is a Terminal Block sales agent in Indonesia that sells various kinds of electrical tools and components and other products that are 100% ORIGINAL, 100% NEW and CHEAP prices. has also sold various products for the needs of Electric substations, Factories, Buildings and Housing to all corners of Indonesia.

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