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Terminal Blocks IN 400BK
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10 Aug 2018
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Specification of Terminal Blocks IN 400BK

IN-400 BK
Terminal Block IN 400K
Used to connect the current from one component to another component

* Has a current of 300 amperes

* 120 mm cable size

* Number of poles / pole: 1 Pole

* Can also be used as jumpers or connectors if there are additional components

* Easy to install on DIN Rail 1 Function and can be removed and added as needed

* Have good contact so that it conducts electricity well

* Easy to install, use and durable


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Terminal block IN 400 K is used to connect the current from one component to another component. It can also be used as a jumper or connector when there are additional components. The final block is IN 400 K Black with a current of 120 amperes for a cable size of 300 mm. can save costs on the assembly of electrical components with the use of fewer cables. Provides optimal protection for components when there is a short circuit, the current will be cut off at the terminal block before reaching the main component. Terminal block model IN 400 K can use the IN terminal end plate to close the terminal block at the end of the circuit and also the stoper terminal block to lock and keep the terminal block installed so that it is installed tightly on DIN Rail 1 Function, Block terminal / strip terminal / insulation block / terminal clip-on connector, can be used in electrical panel assembly, electronic components and installation other electricity. suitable for use at home, building pe offices, shopping centers and industrial plants.
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