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Crimping Tool Pliers Press Manual


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Crimping Tool Manual Press Pliers are power tools that can be used to press or crimp skun and Ferrulles cables connected by cables.

Cable size

Compatible with various types of skun.ferrules cable models and brands.

Quality crimping pliers that are comfortable to wear.

The crimping results are strong and not easily separated.

The price of crimping ferrules is cheap.


Crimping Tool Skun Press Pliers and Manual Ferrules are power tools that can be used to press or crimp skun ferrules connected by cables. The results of crimping in the form of a long press are good, strong and durable so that the cable connector can have good electrical conductivity. Crimping Tool Pliers Manual Press Ferrules can be used for cable sizes of mmsq ferrules. Crimping Tool Pliers Manual Press is made of reliable quality material so that it is safe and guaranteed quality, easy, lightweight and comfortable to use. Quality crimping results, strong and not easily separated. Manufactured based on international standards. Skun Press Pliers / Crimping Tools / Crimping Pliers / Tools set / Press pliers / Manual skun press pliers / Pliers press ferrules / Cable press pliers, widely used in assembling various electronic, automotive, electrical panels, electrical installations. Can be used in homes, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels and industrial plants. is the official distributor of the Crimping Tool Tang Press Manual seller in Indonesia which provides various kinds of electrical tools and tools as well as other products that are 100 ORIGINAL, 100% NEW and CHEAP prices. has also sold various products for the needs of electric substations, factories, buildings and housing throughout Indonesia.

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