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KSS serves to cover holes that are not used to close the panel surface or other material. SSC can be applied to holes measuring 19-19.5 mm in plates and other materials with a maximum thickness of 3.2 mm. Easy to apply, only clip or pressed to the hole on the surface of the plate or material, and can provide a neat and pleasing appearance on unused holes at a low cost. KSS can be used in indoor and outdoor. KSS is made from Nylon 66, 94V-2 base material which is of reliable quality manufactured according to the international standard OHSAS 8000, RoHS 2002/95 / EC, SGS, ISO 9001 2008, REACH PFOS strong and durable. Hole Plug / Finishing Plug / Hole Cover Suitable for use in homes, offices, factories, electrical panel assembly, cable installation, and in the installation of electronic components and machinery. is a seller of KSS and other electrical components. The products we sell are 100% Original, 100% New with Low Prices. has also supplied various KSS products for the needs of Electric substations, Factories, Buildings and Housing to all corners of Indonesia.

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