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Sell Skun Cables

Skun cables are used to unite two or more joint electrical circuits called electrical connectors. We sell Skun Cables which are usually used to set up temporary connections, although some can be used to install permanent ones. Skun cables are definitely an important part of modern devices. PT. Jaya Listrik Successfully Sell Skun Cables of various types including: SC Skun Cable, Sock Skun SC, Skun Cally, etc.

Skun cable also referred to as the end of a cable terminal or shoe cable, is an electricity supply that is used to connect or terminate cables safely to electrical devices, power panels or controls, junction boxes, equipment and machinery. This skun is often used to combine electrical wires too. Skun Cable is intended to ensure the safety of equipment and humans. This scheme can be uniquely engineered according to client preferences and requirements.

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